The Menu Inc.

Grilled Chicken (min. 6) Quantity:
Grilled Chicken & Atlantic Salmon (min. 8) Quantity:
The Trio (min. 10) Quantity:
Grilled Veggies Quantity:
Meat & Cheese Style (min. 8) Quantity:
Dairy Style (min. 8) Quantity:
Anti Pasto Platter (min. 8) Quantity:
Pasta, Stir-fry & others…
Capiletti Fromagio (min. 8) Quantity:
Chicken & Fusilli Cream é Vino (min. 8) Quantity:
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni (min. 8) Quantity:
Pesto Cream Penne (min. 8) Quantity:
Pasta Pommadore or Arrabiatta (min. 8) Quantity:
Meat or Vegetable Lasagna (min. 8) Quantity:
Quiche Lorraine (min. multiples of 6) Quantity:
Teriyaki Chicken Stir-Fry (min. 8) Quantity:
Teriyaki Beef Stir-Fry (min. 8) Quantity:
Teriyaki Veggie Stir-Fry (min. 8) Quantity:
Fajitas (min. 8) Quantity:
Chicken Pot Pie (min. multiples of 6) Quantity:
Quiche Swiss Veggie Quantity:
Quiche Spinach & Feta Quantity:
BBQ Chicken (min. 8) Quantity:
Chicken Parmagianna (min. 8) Quantity:
Chicken Enchiladas (min. 8) Quantity:
Tropical Salsa (min. 8) Quantity:
Peppercorn (min. 8) Quantity:
Lemon Tarragon (min. 8) Quantity:
Signature Chicken (min. 8) Quantity:
Apricot Rosemary (min. 8) Quantity:
Chicken Souvlaki (min. 8) Quantity:
Chicken Normandy (min. 8) Quantity:
Cumin and Oregano (min. 8) Quantity:
Chicken Swiss (min. 8) Quantity:
Chicken Florentine (min. 8) Quantity:
Marsala (min. 8) Quantity:
Leek & Aged White Cheddar (min. 8) Quantity:
Atlantic Salmon Fillet Teriyaki Julienne Vegetable (min. 8) Quantity:
Atlantic Salmon Fillet Herb Crusted (min. 8) Quantity:
Atlantic Salmon Fillet Pesto Baked (min. 8) Quantity:
Atlantic Salmon Fillet Leek & Aged White Cheddar (min. 8) Quantity:
Beef Stroganoff (min. 8) Quantity:
Polynesian Meatballs (min. 8) Quantity:
Swedish Meatballs (min. 8) Quantity:
Marsala Braised Beef (min. 8) Quantity:
Fillet Mignon wild mushroom sauce (min. 8) Quantity:
Fillet Mignon jumbo tiger shrimps (min. 8) Quantity:
Fillet Mignon five peppercorn sauce (min. 8) Quantity:
Vegetable Sides
Vegetable Medley (min. 8) Quantity:
Fresh Green Beans (min. 8) Quantity:
Ratatouille (min. 8) Quantity:
Maple roasted root Vegetables (min. 8) Quantity:
Grilled Veggies (min. 8) Quantity:
Gourmet Sweets, Pastries Quantity:
Cookie Platter (20 pieces) Quantity:
Cookies Quantity:
Cakes and Tortes (serves 12-16) - Please call
Soft drinks & spring water Quantity:
Juice & Nestea Ice Tea Quantity:
V-8 Quantity:
Perrier & Fruitopia Quantity:
Cold Selections - Please call
Hot Selections - Please call
BBQ - Please call
Tea Break (min. 6) Quantity:
Freshly brewed Gourmet Coffee (serves 8 cups per carafe) Quantity:
Fresh Fruit Salad (min. 6) Quantity:
Market Fruit Platter (small 5-10) Quantity:
Market Fruit Platter (medium 10-15) Quantity:
Market Fruit Platter (large 15-20) Quantity:
Debbie’s Country Breakfast (min. 12) Quantity:
Hot Breakfast Bagel (min. 6) Quantity:
Mini Ham & Cheese Croissants (min. 6) Quantity:
Mini Quiche (min. 2 Dozen) Quantity:
Smoked Salmon Platter (min. 8) Quantity:
Yogurt Quantity:
Yogurt Station (min. 10g) Quantity:
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice (2 Liter Jug) Quantity:
The Menu Signature (min. 6) Quantity:
California Greens (min. 6) Quantity:
Classic Caesar (min. 6) Quantity:
Classic Caesar with bacon (min. 6) Quantity:
Chicken Caesar (min. 6) Quantity:
Garden (min. 6) Quantity:
Greek Leaf (min. 6) Quantity:
Harvest (min. 6) Quantity:
Spinach (min. 6) Quantity:
Beautiful (min. 6) Quantity:
Peach Pecan Poppy seed (min. 6) Quantity:
Pear & Blue Cheese (min. 6) Quantity:
Sweet Cranberry (min. 6) Quantity:
California Pasta (min. 6) Quantity:
Greek Pasta (min. 6) Quantity:
Pete's Rotini (min. 6) Quantity:
Sun Dried Tomato Primavera (min. 6) Quantity:
Carrot Raisin Coleslaw (min. 6) Quantity:
Caprese (min. 6) Quantity:
Potato Cream & Egg (min. 6) Quantity:
Roasted Red Skin Potato (min. 8) Quantity:
Bean Salad (min. 6) Quantity:
Couscous (min. 6) Quantity:
Signature Coleslaw (min. 6) Quantity:
Orange & Thai Chicken (min. 8) Quantity:
Thai-it-up Mango (min. 8) Quantity:
Salad Meals Quantity:
Salad Meals: add chicken or atlantic salmon Quantity:
Soups - Fresh Selections Daily (min. 8) Quantity:
Deli & Gourmet Style (min. 6) Quantity:
Deli-Style (min. 6) Quantity:
Gourmet Style (min. 6) Quantity:
Signature Sandwiches:
Grilled breast of chicken Quantity:
South western seasoned chicken Quantity:
Albertan beef slow roasted Quantity:
Norwegian smoked salmon Quantity:
Grilled zucchini Quantity:
Filet of atlantic salmon Quantity:
Grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon Quantity:
Triangle Style Quantity:
Scandinavian Open-Face Quantity:
Relish Selection Quantity:
Hot Panini:
Philly Steak (min. 6) Quantity:
Chicken Parmagianna (min. 6) Quantity:
Menu Panini (min. 6) Quantity:
Boxed Lunches (min. 8) Quantity:
Crudités & Dip (small) Quantity:
Crudités & Dip (medium) Quantity:
Crudités & Dip (large) Quantity:
Market Fruit (small) Quantity:
Market Fruit (medium) Quantity:
Market Fruit (large) Quantity:
Classic Cheese (small) Quantity:
Classic Cheese (medium) Quantity:
Classic Cheese (large) Quantity:
Mediterranean Platter Quantity:

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